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The corporate version of the Firesmart App is designed to help businesses with multiple sites meet their legislative requirements for Fire Risk Assessments. The system, based on the Fire Safety Order, provides users with a structured approach to Fire Risk Assessments giving businesses consistency across sites. Businesses can centrally manage fire risk assessments, with the ability to see each sites fire risk assessment, when assessments are due and the responsible person.

Manage multiple sites

See current and historical Fire Risk Assessments for each site; which sites are due, when and who is responsible.

Review Fire Risks

Fire risk assessment priority items

Consistent structure to fire risk reports across sites. This can aid the identification of common issues for policy development.

Keep track of maintenance

Record checks in the log book such as Fire alam tests

Keep a log of checks and maintenance, e.g. fire alarm tests, fire exit checks, fire extinguisher checks etc.

Guides users through the fire risk assessment using a series of statements. Users can then enter their response to the statement, on the system, in the context of the business.

Helping employers to comply with the Fire Safety Order

Check which sites are due a fire risk assessment

View current Fire Risk Assessments for each site

View historical Fire Risk PDF reports for each site

Provide evidence fire risk assessments have been undertaken

Can facilitate identification of training requirements

Supported by qualified fire risk assessors

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